The IT sector is recognized as a cross-cutting strategic sector that gives impetus to the entire production chain, so it is an ally in focal actions to develop Industry in our State.

The IT sector and Creative Media in Baja California is formed by approximately 300 companies distributed throughout the state of which in the Cluster participate about 105, among companies, consultants, freelancers, academy and organizations of impulse; Adding all the efforts represents about 5000 jobs between technical and engineering activities. Tijuana has 23 certified companies in some model of Software Development Quality recognized worldwide as CMMI or Mo Prosoft.

BIT center is a project in Tijuana that is developed with the primary objective of providing a space for companies and freelancers, in which they can carry out their work activities, attention to customers and exhibitions within the same space. Some objectives of this software center are to create a link between academia and the productive sector, promote the vocation of innovation in Tijuana and boost the development of the region.