México is a producer of high quality and innovation vehicles. Vehicles made in Mexico meet high standards and are commercialized in the most demanding and competitive markets worldwide.

In 2013, the terminal automotive industry increased in three relevant areas: domestic market, exports, and production. During the mentioned year the terminal automotive sector and the spare parts sector represented 2.6% of the national GDP and 15.0% of the Mexican manufacturers GDP.

Tijuana’s near shore location offers the following benefits to automotive industry:

  • Lower costs of manufacturing and assembly
  • Just-in-time production facilities
  • Highly skilled and bilingual workforce
  • Quicker shipping time (1-4 days) to U.S. assembly plants
  • Proximity to QS-9000 Certified suppliers
  • By investing in Tijuana’s automotive clusters, the global OEMs and suppliers gain high returns and quick access to the North American consumers. The local and global automotive industry can benefit from NAFTA and Mexico’s global network of other Free Trade Agreements.