The development of the aerospace industry in Baja California originated more than four decades ago with manufacturing activities. It is one of the most important states for the Mexican aerospace industry with approximately 87 companies in the sector and exports of 1.533 billion USD a year. The United States receive the majority of Baja California's exports; the rest go to Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, among other countries.

Based on the strategy developed between the industry, academia and government, Baja California will focus its innovation capacities on services based on high-value knowledge process outsourcing, and stimulate its development potential in fuselage systems and power plants.

Baja California has 24,349 students enrolled in engineering and technology from a universe of close to 905,441 nationwide, making it one of the leading states for students in these areas.

The region offers unique opportunities not only because of its location and easy access, but because of the availability of talent, intellectual and scientific resources, experts, extensive infrastructure and natural resources. In addition, the business incentives granted by both countries for a single zone are of great importance and this provides a competitive environment of growth, also the region provides the necessary space for the expansion of industries.