Strategic Location

The City of Tijuana is located in the northwest corner of the country. This city is connected to the Pacific Ocean and limits to the north with the state of California, which is the 6th economic power at world-wide level. The region has experienced rapid growth in business, social, family and cultural relations, which have promoted the expansion of the border crossings on each side of the border that is why San Ysidro is considered the world busiest land border in the World.

Tijuana is considered as a bi-national city, where entrepreneurship, production and manufacturing have been a key factor in positioning it as one of the main industrial cities in Mexico.


  • Ensenada’s port is the closest Mexican seaport to Asia operated by Hutchinson Group.
  • The Port of Ensenada is Mexico’s first port that receives the Green Port certification. Some destinations are: Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, South America, among others.
  • In addition, the Port of Long Beach in USA is only 3 hours away, while the San Diego Port is just 30 min away.
  • Airports

  • 2 international airports just 20 min away, with daily flights to mayor cities in Mexico and USA (Tijuana & San Diego).
  • Only Mexican City with direct flights from Tijuana to Narita, Japan and Shanghai, China.
  • Closeness to 2 major international airports in the United States: Los Angeles LAX and Orange County, CAL.
  • World Class infrastructure


  • While the Colorado River is the current main water source, desalination plants provide additional availability with 4m3/sec capacity in Rosarito.
  • Water supply is guaranteed in Tijuana for new companies.
  • Electricity

  • Tijuana has one of the most competitive energy costs in the world.
  • The average cost per green-sourced MW of electricity for 24/7 industrial use is under USD $58.
  • With these alternatives, energy costs for industries are guaranteed to be at least 15% below CFE’s rate for the next 20 years.
  • Natural Gas

  • Tijuana has a storage and distribution terminal that ensures the current and future demand of this energy.
  • Natural gas is provided by Sempra Energy and offers the most competitive price nationwide.
  • Economy

  • Over US$ 8 billion in FDI in the last 10 years. Making it one of the top 5 destinations in the nation.
  • The lowest un-employment rates in the country, with an average of 3.5% in the last 10 years.

  • Partners for Economic Development in Tijuana


  • This federal institution is responsible for promoting the attraction of foreign direct investment and exports of products and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies to contribute to the economic and social development of the country, and to strengthen the image of Mexico as a strategic partner to do business.

  • It is a Baja California institution in charge with promoting the attractiveness of the state as a strategic element for the adequate and efficient promotion of local, national and foreign investment.

  • Is the municipal unit of Tijuana dedicated to the design and implementation of policies related to the promotion of economic development of the city, applying programs and projects that increase productive activity, keeping a balance with urban development and community welfare.

  • Non-Government

  • Is an organization with more than 25 years of experience in attracting and retaining businesses within the manufacturing sector of Tijuana.

  • Is an institution that promotes the realization of businesses and focuses on consolidating, developing and boosting the competitiveness of the sectors. It boosts the economic performance, innovation and global competitiveness of the industry to the benefit of Mexico.

  • Aims to represents, promote and defend the interests of the business sector before the different governmental instances. CANACO promotes the development and competitiveness of the sector as well as to support Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in Tijuana.

  • Is the development council of the city, responsible for linking the vision of private initiative, state government, municipal and academic sector for the planning and execution of long-term projects that enhance the socio-economic development of Tijuana.

  • CANACINTRA Tijuana is a business organization with legal personality, governed by the Business Chambers Law, which groups and represents the physical and moral persons, engaged in the activity of Transformation Industry.

  • It is a civil association in charge of promotes the development and defending the interests of the manufacturing, maquila and export service industry of our region. INDEX Creates normative, legal and regulatory conditions conducive to promote the competitiveness of the industrial sector.