If you are a Foreign, requirements 1 and 2.

If this is not the case go to step 3.

1. - Fill in the internet the multiple migratory form. It has a validity of 180 days. More information click here.

2. - In case of a time greater than 180 days and less than 4 years. Request a temporary residence visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information click here.

3. - Go to the Secretariat of Economy to register the name of the company.More information click here.

4. - Attend with a PUBLIC CORRIDOR to carry out the constitutive act of the company. More information click here...

5. - Assist to SAT Offices to grant the RFC of the company already legally constituted.More information click here.

6. - Attend to the PUBLIC PROPERTY REGISTRATION at the government center. More information click here.

It requires the presentation of the Constitutive Act, RFC, and notarial power that allows the legal representative to carry out the procedures of the company. After this the company is registered and is an existing company in documents.

7. - Go to Urban Administration to request the USE OF FLOOR.

  • Fill the application
  • Original receipt of payment of royalties.
  • Copy of the Receipt of the current property tax.
  • Copy of the document proving ownership.
  • Well detailed location sketch with references
  • 4 photographs taken at a distance from the property with its neighbors.
  • Present official identification cup to dispatch your procedure
  • If your answer is denied, you must present the owner's power of attorney
  • With copy of identifications

8. - Request permission from firefighters and security measures.

Present letter or application for renewal inspection and certification safety measures to this address, stating clearly the following steps:

  • Company name
  • Location address
  • Phone
  • Name of the owner of the trade
  • Turn

Attach the following documentation:

  • Fire extinguisher location plan, first aid kit, automatic fire detection systems.
  • Plan of location of risk areas.
  • Plan for the location of evacuation routes, meeting points, emergency lamps with their own autonomy.
  • Contingency plan.

9. - Project Feasibility Letter (fire department office)

Submit an official letter requesting Project Feasibility to this address, clearly indicating the following information:

  • Name of company and / or company name.
  • Address of the requested place.
  • Cadastral key.
  • Federal registry number.
  • Business Rotation.
  • Telephone and fax of the company.
  • Name of the owner of the trade.
  • Area in square meters (m2).
  • Surface under construction in (m2).

Attach to the requested office the following documentation

  • Last property receipt and / or lease agreement and / or ownership document.
  • Charter of land use and / or construction permit.
  • Localization map.
  • LP Gas Isometric Plane.
  • Plan of electrical installations, signed by the verification unit in electronic installations according to current regulations.
  • Hydrant location plan and automatic fire-fighting system with its respective calculation memory.
  • Map of the location of emergency exits and evacuation routes.
  • Plan of location of emergency lamps.

10. - Request permission of Environmental Impact in the Direction of Protection to the Environment.

Application Revenue: Click here.

Submit to the environmental protection management the written request for environmental impact consent.

The cost of service for the year 2017 is $ 13,078.00

At this point also enter the MUNICIPAL or STATE permits that are required in the geographic area in which it seeks to settle. In case you are going to build a NEW INDUSTRIAL SHIP. Continue at point 11 (If not, continue to point 12)


  • Legal number of land use authorization APPROVED.
  • Authorized building license number.
  • Urban project authorization number.
  • Date of certification and demarcation of the polygon to be developed in force.
  • Copy of deed and / or document proving ownership.
  • If required, written by an individual in which authorizes to receive the volume of cutting product material, as well as copy of deeds of the property in question.
  • Environmental impact of environmental protection management.
  • If required, written by the management of municipal public works and services for the use of a rite bank.
  • Project of earth movements consisting of natural topography plans, project topography, levels and gradients, and solves pluvial runoff.
  • Executive projects of cobras of containment, stability and protection to resulting slopes.
  • Study of soil mechanics.
  • Mass curve and work program.
  • Autocad 2004 digitized files.
  • Responsive letter of expert.

In case an extension is necessary in the movement of earth.

  • Original authorization of earth movement.
  • Progress report of photographic work and laboratory of quality control of the terraces.
  • Mass curve and missing work program.

12.- LICENSE OF INDUSTRIAL CONTRUCTION FOR OVER 60.00 M2 in the Office of Urban Development.

  • Complete and form application for urban management.
  • Receipt of payment of duties.
  • Copy documents accredit property.
  • Copy of the current property tax receipt.
  • Copy of cadastral demarcation with validity of one year.
  • If it is built under a condominium regime, submit cond.
  • Plan distribution and pre-writing mortgage credit.
  • Copy of favorable land use report.

In special cases due to conditions of study of urban impact and opinion of land use.

  • Municipal or state environmental impact, as the case may be.
  • Authorizations of firefighters and civil protection.
  • Correspondent gas check unit and descriptive technical memory.
  • Corresponding electrical installation.
  • Correspondent fire systems and descriptive installations.
  • Feasibility of CFE and CESPT.
  • Copy of authorization agreement of the subdivision, industrial park or commercial center, if applicable published in the official newspaper of the State.
  • Study of road impact, traffic engineering and road integration.
  • Urban impact study.
  • Study of soil mechanics, soil resistivity, geological if applicable.
  • Letter of approval by competent agency regarding the type of co-responsibility required by the specific project.
  • Complete project of the work at a convenient scale, bounded and specified with conventional signs, legible in its presentation.
  • Calculation report formed by responsible expert.
  • Authorization of PEMEX.
  • The others that by characteristics of the action of edification or installation, it is advised necessary by the authority previous justification.

13.-CERTIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS AND PLANS in the Office of Urban Development

  • Fill out application form for Urban Management.
  • Copy of construction license.
  • Set of plans to certify.

14. - In most cases you need to apply for permission to use the public road with materials and / or movements and maneuver in Office of urban Development.

  • Fill out an application for an Urban Management Office.
  • Copy of documents proving ownership.
  • Copy of the property tax receipt paid for the current year.
  • Sketch of location of the work and sketch of the occupation.
  • Copy of construction license.

15. – LETTER OF TERMINATION OF WORK AND PROSPECTS in the Office of Urban Development.

  • Fill out an application for an urban management address.
  • Original license for extension and copy of license for completion of work.
  • Authorized plans.
  • Signature of the responsible expert under the license.

16. –ADVERTISMENT PERMISSION in the Office of Urban Development. (In case it is greater than 2 Meters)

  • Fill out the corresponding application in the urban management office.
  • Original receipt of payment of royalties.
  • Documents proving ownership.
  • Copy of the current property tax receipt.
  • Copy of the current operating permit.
  • Detailed location sketch with references.
  • Photograph of facade taken remotely, characteristics of the design of the advertisement and dimensions.

17. - OPERATION LICENSE in Office of urban development. (It has a validity of 90 calendar days)

  • Favorable opinion of land use.
  • Certified copy of the articles of incorporation and notarial powers.
  • Documents proving ownership.
  • Photographic report of the building where the industrial activity will take place.
  • Certification issued by the municipal fire department.
  • In the case of food or drug handling (sanitary license).
  • Fumigation certificate.
  • Industrial shelters with less than five years of construction must present the building license as well as the proof of completion of the corresponding work.
  • Authorization in environmental matters.


  • Adequate Health Services.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Have skies and walls with constant cleaning.
  • Sufficient extinguishers properly charged, for the prevention and control of fires.
  • First aid kit.
  • Fumigation certificate.

18. - PERMIT OF OPERATION in Office of Urban Development.

  • Application of the Urban Management Office.
  • Documents proving ownership. (Deeds, title of the property, purchase-sale agreement)
  • Copy of official identification of the owner of the property, applicant.
  • Copy of receipt of current property tax.
  • Copy of feasible opinion of the land use.
  • Detailed location sketch with references
  • Construction and construction permit if construction is less than 5 years.
  • Certificate of safety measures issued by the fire department.
  • Feasibility of Fire Services.
  • Authorization of the general direction of state ecology (light and medium industry)
  • Fumigation certificate.
  • Copy of the CESPT contract.
  • Certificate of the gas installation verification unit.
  • Certificate of the electrical installation verification unit.
  • Request a yellow ribbon in the Municipal Public Works Department.
  • Paying for existing ads and applying for new ads.