Becate training funds

Your Company will receive support for 2 minimum wages $80.04 MXP during training for a two month period plus a $20.00 MXN for transportation per worker base on the National Employment Service programs.

30% Water discount on consumption

For this incentive to take place the company must use an in-house water treatment plant to recycle and reuse water within the facility, the 30% water discount goes on your monthly bill.

Human Resources: The state will guarantee

  • Availability of talented workforce.
  • A stable and union-free work environment.
  • Full support in creating linkage programs with local, state, and national universities, technical and vocational schools.
  • Working together with the industry within Baja California, in order to adapt the curricula to your industry needs.
  • Assistance in recruiting personnel through the State Secretariat of Labor in collaboration with the National Employment Service.

Government Support:The state of Baja California guarantees

  • A fast-track process with all type of procedures in the three Government levels.
  • A fast-track process for construction permits and acquisition.
  • Supply Chain Development: The State will guarantee
  • Two annual events for supplier development programs.
  • Organize workshops abroad for potential supplying companies that might be interested in establishing operations in the region.
  • A guaranteed incentive package for foreign and local suppliers.

Innovation and R&D Funds (PEI):

tthe State Government can help companies apply for the CONACYT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) funds, targeted to innovation and R&D projects. These funds can cover from 22% and up to 75% of the total amount of investment, but limits it to no more than $1,000,000 USD. The incentive will be based on the individual project specification.

Supplier Incubation Programs and Facilities:

Inside our Technology Consortium building, we have spaces and high tech laboratories available to develop new suppliers for the companies established in Baja California. We can also provide an incubation process, which will benefit your key suppliers or affiliate companies that wish to set up in our state and we guarantee a smooth landing .